pharmaceutical physical equipment

Understanding the physical properties of pharmaceutical solid materials is key to successful drug product and process development. These physical properties can have an impact on the material's bulk properties, product performance, processability, stability and product appearance.

pharmaceutical physical equipment

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Disintegration tester with two stations.

The DT2 is a very easy-to-use and flexible disintegration tester with reliable temperature control. Record and report disintegration times individually per sample or as a completed set. Two stations that can be controlled, started, and stopped individually allow to perform 2 tests independently

Manufacturer: SOTAX

Model specifications:

Stations: 2 independent stations

Baskets: (Apparatus A / B),6-tube basket, 10 mesh, manual,3-tube basket, 10 mesh, manual

Strokes per minute: 30

Stroke height: Height 55 mm

Temperature Range: 25 - 40 oC, programmable

Temperature control: Dual control, built-in sensor / external sensor.

Measuring accuracy : ± 0.2 oC

Bath capacity: 5.5 liter

Weight (without packaging) : 24 kg (53 lbs)

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AT Dissolution Tester

the AT has been designed for the most demanding environments. Its unique design combines robust quality components with state-of-the-art technology to guarantee reproducible testing conditions, day after day. Depending on the required automation level, the AT can be flexibly extended with additional Xtend™ modules - making method transfer for increased throughput requirements easier than ever.

Manufacturer: SOTAX
Model:AT Xtend

Model specifications:

Methods: Basket, paddle, paddle over disk, rotating cylinder, extraction cell, mini paddle, China paddle, stationary basket, intrinsic and other non-compendial methods

Dosage forms: Tablets, sinkers, suspensions, transdermals, APIs, creams, gels, and more

Bath: Opening / closing: Manual or automated

Capacity: 16.5 L

Vessel: 1 L, 2 L, Mini vessel, Immersion Cell vessel, Peak vessel, China vessel

Compliance: The AT dissolution apparatus complies with all pharmacopeia requirements

Sampling: Type: Pipette, cannula, AutoLift™, HollowShaft™ (suction head)

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Friability Testing.

Performing and documenting friability & abrasion tests has never been faster. From SingleButton™ navigation to intergrated balance interface, single and dual drum options for increased capacity, as well as automatic calculation of percent friability for your report, and a fully menu-guided qualification procedure - the FT2 offers easy and flexible testing in your lab.

Manufacturer: SOTAX

Model specifications:

Number of drums: 1 - 2

Rotation: 20 - 100 rpm, programmable.

Printer: Ethernet / RS-232 parallel

Power supply: 100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz

Weight (without packaging) : 8 kg (17.7 lbs)

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Hardness tester for all sizes and materials.

Proven to be the most advanced, precise, and user-friendly manual tablet hardness tester, the MT50 with high-precision Dr. Schleuniger® technology is an all-time favorite in both laboratories and compression rooms. Robust and very easy to use, the manual tester sets new standards in fast and precise manual operation - from multi-parameter runs to simple hardness tests of all types of samples, shapes, and materials.

Manufacturer: SOTAX

Model specifications:

Weight (Mass) : External balance: Mettler Toledo®/ Sartorius®

Units of measure: mg / g

Thickness:2 - 25 mm

Repeatability :± 0.03 mm

Width / Length: (Diameter): 2 - 35 mm

Hardness: 2 - 800 N

Printer: Ethernet, USB. RS-232 serial

Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)

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Tapped Density Testing.

Tapped density of powders or granulates is an increased bulk density attained after mechanically tapping a cylinder containing the sample. SOTAX tapped density testers combine Method 1 and Method 2 with different stroke heights (drop) as described in United States Pharmacopeia (USP (616)) and European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur. 2.9.34) in one compact unit. Comparison of the bulk and tapped densities with Compressibility Index and Hausner Ratio indicate the ability of the powder to flow and settle.

Manufacturer: SOTAX

Model specifications:

Number of stations: 1

Strokes per minute:
. Method 1: 300
. Method 2 : 250

Stroke height:
. Method 1 : 14 mm, ± 2 mm
. Method 2: 3 mm, ± 0.2 mm

Printer :LAN printer / Epson® 40col. Ethernet / RS-232 serial